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Japanese Straightening



Liscio Straightening is a Hair Straighening procedure

used heat to change the shape of hair.

It is permanent until the hair grows out and leave hair

very soft & shiny straight.


   1)  Fast Penetration Straightens Curls   

         Without Damaging Hair

High ptnetration crestal cream molecular structue is very

small,it can travel rapidly through to reach deeper into the

center of a strand and work evenly throughout the hair,

preventing damages on cuticle layers.

   2)  Leaves Straightend Hair Softer By Retaining

         Moisture In the Hair.      

The moisture is stored in the CMC which is composed of

layers of lipid that sandwich between them. When the lipids

are broken from damage,moisture leaches out, the hair dry

and brittle. Liscio crystal cream contains Aqua-CMC,

it repairs the broken lipds.

   3)  Considerably Reduces Hair's Unpleasant Sulfur Odor




 Hair Consultation

 Pre Treatment
 Keratin, Collagen etc. choose by hair type
 Straightening Cream
 1st solution.  choose by hair type
 Dry & Straight Iron
 makes the hair straight and shiny


            ★  For curly, unmanageable hair client
          ★    Result in Straight , Silky hair and Long Lasting


      Recomended retouch everly 6-8 mon


      Total Service time : 3- 4 Hrs          

     [Price $240+up]


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