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3 Step Salon Deep Conditioning



 simple 3 step in-salon Deep Conditioning with weekly

homecare that repairs damage and seal in moisture for

fresh, bouncy hair. This treatment is formulated for

individual hair types with specific ingredients reducing

friction and making hair feel silkier. The results from

the deep conditioning can be maintained for as long as

five weeks throught use of weekly homecare products.


[ Step 1]

 Repair and smooth foundation Ceramide, Tuberose,

 Sterol CMC

 [ Step 2 ]   Monomer bonding to the surface
 [ Step 3 ]   Hydration Veil and Friction eduction
 [ Home       Care]

  We give you a pack(for 4 times ) to maintain soft and

  silky hair, use 1 tube every week beginning on the 7th   

  day after treatment in the salon.   


                    [ Service Time    + 30 min ]

              [ Price  $55 +up with any hair service ]